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It's simply the best mat I ever owned!

Luisa, Yoga Teacher, Vienna

The performance of the mat is unmatched, even when I drip in sweat the grip is perfect.

Tested and tried in all kinds of classes, the Creative Kimiyo cork yoga mat is the only one I will use time and time again! 

Lisa, L.A.

The whole family is so happy with our yoga mats, the kids use them every day, and I always leave mine out and get compliments from everyone who sees it. 

Eva, Salzburg

Not a hunch of weird smell, and the  print looks exactly the same even after months of using. Stunning product!

Coletta, New York

You can practice wonderfully on the Moonphases Mat - and certainly not only Chandra Namaskar! The silky surface of the mat and its print invite to lengthy yoga sessions and pure relaxation!

Marianne, Vienna

The cork mat from Creative Kimiyo has made my training much more comfortable. I can concentrate better on conducting my lessons because the mat doesn’t stretch when you step hard and fast into one direction. At the same time the mat stays firm on the floor, the grip is really superior. The best thing is that the surface is a natural material. I simply love my KIMIYO ZEN mat with the Elephant print.

Triin, deepWork Trainer, Graz

My kids love the yoga mats, I'm so happy they can use it every day. The grip is top, and the design is beautiful!

Sabrina, Shanghai

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