In light of the upcoming Mother’s Day celebrations across the World on Sunday May 12, read here  an introduction to a fascinating contemporary woman, the Divine Mother Amma Sri Karunamayi.

She is a living saint and well known throughout the world as the embodiment of compassion, a voice for humanity, a spiritual guide, a global peace leader and a visionary uniting science and sustainability for a sustainable future.

Born in South India in 1958, she spent her childhood immersed in an atmosphere of worship and prayer created by her deeply spiritual parents. As time moved on, it became very clear that Amma was no ordinary girl. When she became a young woman and after many wondrous happenings in her young life, she decided to retreat for lengthy meditations and stayed secluded in a forest for over ten years. She began to offer her teachings in Bangalore, and in the mid 1990ies traveled to the US, and ever since offers yearly programs around the world.

Amma Sri Karunamayi’s life is a tireless attempt to ease suffering and pain. She travels across the globe to meet people and offers healing and guidance at gatherings across the world.

Amma often likes to say that her only work in this world is to remove the suffering from the hearts of her children. This she does through her kind, loving words of spiritual guidance and encouragement, her healing touch, and her divine knowledge and insight.

From her homebase in India, Amma Sri Karunamayi runs charities that focus on children, women, free education, health, clean water, food, housing and more. Learn more at about a vast range of successful initiatives around the globe.

Watch this wonderful documentary on YouTube: The Blazing Heart and learn more on her website 

Om Tat Sat