'Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it'   Salvador Dali


Get your creative juices flowing and add a splash of color to your daily routine, alone, or if you are a parent, it might be a nice way to include your kids into your yoga practice.

Simply, prepare your favourite colours and a brush in advance. Start with using a fairly large paper, piece of cardboard, wood, or even some stones that you picked up during your last walk, to use as canvas to manifest your mantra or intention before and after your practice. 


Follow your inner guide, and try not to judge your dots, strokes, or any image that might emerge. Engaging in creative activity and expression promotes the depth of your practice and best of all - it’s really fun!


For the most amazing results painting on paper, look no further than our paint and calligraphy brush. It is an absolute treasure that will last long if well maintained.