'Curiosity keeps leading us down new paths' Walt Disney



Fall can be typical for a mellow mood, but fret not, besides numerous dietary things you can do to brighten your mood from inside out (more on this on WEEKLY GOOD VIBES soon), employ your mind, too, and keep discovering the world.

Curiosity lives abundantly in children, and as we grow and shed our innocent spirit, sometimes we forget to lift ourselves up by inviting curiosity back into our lives.


Try these things consciously throughout your day, and embrace the wonders of the world! Allow yourself to take a cheerful peek behind the scenes and ask more questions when you'd like to.


Look up.

Only the sky (or ceiling) is the limit. Allow new perspectives to common situations, you'll be surprised what the world holds in store. Breathe.



Try something new.

This one never gets old! That ominous 'new' thing may be a new scent, a frivolous bottle of wine or walking to work rather than taking the bus. Overcoming behaviours, patterns and thoughts that keep you boxed in rather than let you thrive and explore, is key in your own evolution. Allow yourself to walk on the wild side every once in a while.


Take a prayer in a special spot.

If you ever wondered how that little corner chapel looks like from inside, now is your chance to check it out and ponder for a moment in communing with your preferred god. Or you dedicate a little corner in your home as altar space, and celebrate this new spiritual anchor with a few words spoken out loud or just to yourself.


Sing with your family.

Remember a childhood favourite tune, or are your kids practicing something in kindergarten or school? Tune in for a little session together with your loved ones, easiest done as karaoke version, or with a few (improvised) instruments in hand. Have fun!


Read poetry.

Great poets - contemporary and old masters alike - needn't be understood at once. Pick up your favourite writer, and give it a try. Sometimes a few lines are enough to inspire a bright mood!


#beInTheMoment - it's the only place where life exists