‘All I am saying is that to liberate the potential of your mind, body and soul, you must first expand your imagination. 

You see, things are always created twice: first in the workshop of the mind and then, and only then, in reality. 

I call this process ‘blueprinting’ because anything you create in your outer world began as simple blueprint in your inner world.’ 

Robin Sharma


Lots has been swirling around forums, websites and blogs these days about living with intention, or creating an intention, or simply ‘setting your intention’. You might have heard it even in every single yoga class you take.

Let’s take a deep dive into intention, or resolve, or Sankalpa, how it is called in Sanskrit.

We are breaking down this ancient, secret wisdom, so you can truly reap the benefits of setting your Sankalpa, be it daily, for parts of your life, a specific situation or relationship.


As Julian Stood so simply explains in his wonderful illustrations titled The Landscape Of Trust, your values are at the center and inform your intention. 

Specific intentions determine your actions which reflect back on your core beliefs.

Those are visible in your impact in the outer world, and your inner wellbeing, and in turn influence your intention.

Everything is connected. Intention is the purpose or attitude toward the effect of your actions or conduct. It is the things that you plan to do or achieve.

The below excerpt is an explanation of Sankalpa by Lily Goncalves of Blooming Lotus Yoga


Your Sankalpa can be used to change habits, tendencies, fears and for therapeutic purposes. The yogis remind us that Sankalpa is a very powerful technique that should only used with intelligence and for a greater purpose. 

It is advised to only stick to one intention and continually use it until manifested. 

Time is required to manifest the intention, depending on the nature of the intention and the degree to which it is planted in the mind. The result also depends on your sincerity and deep felt desire to manifest your intention.


The following guidelines are suggested to ensure that the intention is deeply planted for successful manifestation:

1 The intention should be very precise and clear in order for it to seep deep into the subconscious and unconscious

2 It should be stated in a positive statement and in the present tense

For example: 'I am free, connected and filled with love’

3 It should be said internally to yourself with a conviction that involves all your senses and whole being. You need to believe, feel and experience your intention manifesting now, at the present moment.

4 You may also wish to express your intention with gratitude to support a high, loving vibration. For example: ‘Thank you for life filled with abundance’

Written by Lily Goncalves 


Tools to support your journey to set your intention:


Keep track of your thoughts and dreams, listen to your inner voice and inquire about the big questions and important topics that are currently present in your life.


Conscious Daily Habits

Find a routine that works for you, including how you shop for and make your food and finally enjoy it, how you think about physical exercise and when and where you work out, how you take care of yourself and what products you use.

Train your mind to stop repeating over and over again internal thoughts, and stop external habits that are actually hindering yourself from growth, like foul language, unnecessary competition, comparison or conflict (the 3 C’s are big!) and the like. 

Lovingly explore the root of each individual negative imprint and carefully examine why the cause of it is so powerful. This is a radical approach that requires honesty and determination.

Pick one imprint at a time and relive situations where uncomfortable instances occur one by one.

Then, imagine how you want to react and substitute the narrative with a positive one, using language and actions that truly empower you. 



The key to freedom in life is meditation.

Treat yourself to a meditation seat, a meditation sling, some amazing guided meditations if you are new, a Mala for Mantra Japa, and explore Yoga Nidra.

Make meditation an integral part of your life, and the process of setting your intention will gain clarity and focus, as well all other areas of your life will experience positive changes.


Consistency is a major driver to let positive change occur in your life, and you can allow yourself time to develop new skills. Trust your inner voice, you already have all your answers within.


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