'On vacation there is no to-do list. Let go of all the doing that keeps you from seeing and being with your inner Self.' Maria Garre


Slowing down and consciously preparing for the pending holidays is a great gift to yourself. Despite the hectic times behind you, and possibly some stressful moments ahead of you, get into holiday mood and imagine your off-time as a true opportunity to recharge.

Allowing yourself time to relax and recharge brings ample benefits, and your loved ones are directly effected by the positive energy you will radiate.

Slowing down through Pranayama and meditation is the first step to connect with the Self, take a few hints from our go-to techniques for a chilled vacation mood:



Light a candle and maybe some incense, or use essential oils and a diffuser to stimulate the senses.



Make yourself comfortable in a seated position or lie down on the floor.

In a seated posture, you may use a meditation cushion, blocks under your knees or a meditation sling for more comfort.

If you choose to lie down, use cushions and bolsters under your head and maybe under your knees to support your body. You could use a blanket to cover parts of your body if you feel a chill easily during colder temperatures.



There are many amazing Mantras that immediately touch you deep inside, if you prefer to go about it by yourself, simply start with OM.

Silently chant the mantra to yourself or out loud, repeat as often as comfortable or use a Mala to aid your practice.



Close your eyes and feel the air entering your body through the nostrils, down to the chest and into the belly. As the warm air exits your body, what sensations do you feel?

Consciously observe your inhale and exhale. After a while, try to even the length of your inhale and your exhale, and keep this balanced breathing pattern for a few rounds of breath.



For a moment, take in the peace and silence around you.

Then listen to the sounds outside the room, then become aware of the sounds inside the room.

Think of the best three things that you did so far today, and remember each detail of what happened.

With your mind immersed in positive thoughts, deepen your breath.

Come back to a balanced breathing pattern and close your eyes.

Completely relax from head to toe and allow yourself to recharge for a few moments before slowly returning to the here and now.



Using mini meditations combined with simple breathing techniques to slow down from the hectics of every day life are a beautiful way to energise yourself.

Every time you feel agitated or upset, try to recall the blissful moments you experienced during balanced breathing and the visualisation of positive moments in your life.

Watch your breathing pattern and consciously take deep inhales and exhales to even out your breath.

Try it out and be assured that the magic works, either at the office, on a last minute shopping run or if you desperately need another set of nerves of steel at home.