Since 2016, Creative Kimiyo stands for vibrant and fun yoga for kids and teens.

Especially created content and experience offerings includes classes, workshops, school projects and retreats tailored towards a young audience that combine yoga, mindful movement and visual educational art.

Complementing its on-the-mat offerings, Creative Kimiyo produces premium yoga gear and accessories, known as the Limited Edition Essentials.

Rooted in Europe in the middle of the Austrian alps, the label’s designs are infused with heritage accents, art deco and at the same time celebrate a cosmopolitan and colourful identity. 

Each yoga mat design from the Creative Kimiyo Limited Edition Essentials range is only available for one season.

Creative Kimiyo offers yoga gear and accessories, yoga books and creates classes, curriculums and retreats for educational institutions, studios and luxury clients.




Creative Kimiyo cork yoga mats offer a lasting, durable and unique product experience to yoga and fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Creative Kimiyo cork yoga mats are biodegradable, non-toxic, made in an eco friendly manufactory, extremely durable, offer superior stability with their well cushioned but grippy surface and possess natural anti-microbial properties which resist bacteria, germs and smell.


The texture and print of the cork yoga mats does not change or fade over time. Clean your Creative Kimiyo cork yoga mat with a damp cloth. Keep out of direct sunlight over a prolonged time.

A Creative Kimiyo cork yoga mat is perfect for any type of yoga, pilates, fitness or other floor exercise.