Each yoga mat design from the Creative Kimiyo Limited Edition Essentials range is only available in a limited quantity. This approach guarantees that only very few people have the exact same mat, towel or accessories, and keeps our creative juices flowing and always at the pulse of fresh designs.

Here, you can take a glimpse at the evolution of our label, from humble beginnings to an expanding offering catering to Yogis around the world who have a desire to use sustainably sourced and made functional items of premium quality that look beautiful.

It all started out with a small range of yoga mats in kids size, complemented by a regular sized mat using another striking design from the same artist, KIMIYO ZEN (2016).

Swiftly afterwards, KIMIYO NAMASTE (2017) brought a host of colourful yogamats and functional towels in regular size, and functional towels in kids size. 

Honoring the brand's connection to China, KIMIYO TANGRAM (2018) featured a travel yoga mat sporting a whimsical dog design inspired by the ancient Chinese Puzzle Tangram, and was launched during Chinese New Year.