Creative Kimiyo offers fuzz-free business solutions for select studios, resorts, hotels, festivals and retreats.

Choose from a range of premium quality mats and matching accessories that will be made to order based on your requirements. 


Our products are 100% biodegradable, the raw materials are sourced ethically and the cork is harvested in a controlled and ecological manner. The production is done with minimal impact, leaving no waste except a recyclable sheet of paper. 

Say no to plastic and opt for our high performance cork yoga mats!


Hotels and gyms that wish to fit out their studio with high quality yoga mats usually ask immediately, if the yoga mats can be washed.

Yes, Creative Kimiyo microfibre mats can be washed.

Our amazing Creative Kimiyo cork mats are available as subscription purchase for studios and gyms and will be exchanged every 10 months. 

Based on your location, we ask to dispose of the biodegradable mats or - preferably - we will facilitate a recycling process with a nearby charitable art initiative. 

Yoga mats that have been purchased as retail stock can not be exchanged. Yoga mats that are intended for sale need to be purchased extra. Only Creative Kimiyo cork yoga mats are eligible for subscription purchases, other types of yoga mats and accessories are excluded from the subscription program.



Your branding is seamlessly integrated in a specifically offered Creative Kimiyo resort design that changes annually. The design depicts a timeless graphic in a striking, laid back and appealing aesthetic.

THE BRANDING POSITION - this is where your logo goes - is at the LEFT or RIGHT corner or CENTRED at the upper short side of the mat (please review the design guidelines below).

Choose from cork yoga mats, microfibre mats, travel yoga mats and functional towels. The minimum order quantity are 18 units per product.

Blocks, wheels, straps and blankets are available in our standard design to complement your requirements.



A uniquely branded or bespoke design for individual yoga gear and accessories are available for orders above 36 units per product. 

 This is an exclusive service for clients that seek reliable, extraordinary premium products. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Get in touch to discuss your project through sending us a message using the form below or send an email to