Daren Magee

Working with Daren Magee has been so easy and fun, and we are extremely happy that his beautiful Surya Design depicting a sun element has become a hit in the Creative Kimiyo Design Library for business clients. 

We offer his minimal design on a variety of products including our first ever water bottle, and of course our signature cork yoga mats, travel yoga mats, functional towels and small towels through our Business Solutions.

Daren Magee for Creative Kimiyo

Learn more about this Californian design wizard, and keep abreast on his instagram @realfunwow

Daren Magee

Did you always know you would become an artist?

I don't think I always knew, but I think in some way, I always was. I always had some form of expression, whether it was through the clothes that I wore or just through my behavior. I always liked to stand out. And I think thats what makes an artist, the desire to express themselves. 

You have a very distinctive style, and a very unique color palette, is this something that you developed very consciously or is this something that simply evolved?

I don't think there was a conscious decision to choose this direction. I just think it was a natural progression. I really like blending into to nature as much as possible with my work. I would say nature dictates my style and palette. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Nature!! It's all around us and is never short of inspiration. It creates so effortlessly and I just have to do my best to translate it. 

Are there any artists who’s work especially inspire you?

Graphic designers from the 70's were really onto something.

What place should art have in our world nowadays?

I think that art should still find its way into our homes in anyway it can. My wife and I make an effort to collect objects of art from friends who are creating. Art can be both form and function. If its sitting on a dresser or hanging on a wall, its function is to fill in the space that would otherwise be empty with something that has meaning and brings joy. 

What is your ultimate life-work balance hack?

I have a one year old and run a business on my own. When you find that out, please let me know!

Which yoga Asana is your go-to pose for strength/ balance/ comfort?

Pigeon pose is crucial. After sitting too much, it is a life/hip saver!!