Can I roll my cork yoga mat?

Yes, you can roll your cork yoga mat.


What material is used as base of your mats?

100% natural rubber


Can I wash my yoga mat?

Your cork yoga mat is not machine washable. Use a damp cloth to give it a good clean after class and prolong the durability of your mat with using a towel on top during extra sweaty sessions.

Your microfibre yoga mat is cold machine washable, do not tumble dry.


What kind of print do you use for your yoga mats and accessories?

We use a non-toxic, eco-friendly printing technique called heat transfer sublimation printing process. It is an environmentally conscious design process that results in minimum wastage.

No ink gets into the water system which happens with many other printing processes.

High quality, heat activated inks are used to transfer prints from a paper source to the material.

Upon exposure to heat, the material fibres open, allowing the ink to permeate into the fibre and bond with it permanently. The prints are then transferred from the paper source to the mats or accessories. All that is needed to permanently fix the colour is heat and pressure.

It is a fantastic, efficient and eco conscious way to create our vibrant prints on the cork and suede material that are the surface of our mats and accessories.



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