Creative Kimiyo first blossomed when freshly minted kids yoga teacher Miriam Hanna Deller simply could not find a satisfying kids yoga mat that she wanted to use in her own classes.

“I am grateful that Creative Kimiyo enables me to plant the seeds of yoga, mindfulness and body awareness in kids and teens.” Miriam Deller

The bar was admittedly set high, with the product having the following boxes to check

  • eco friendly, recyclable and / or biodegradable
  • made from a sustainable, natural raw material 
  • easy on the eye aka featuring a nice design


A lengthy product development and sourcing spree later, all was set and ready for a first sample run, and soon after KIMIYO ZEN KIDS hit the market and instantly received positive feedback.

More often than not, after most parents highlighted the permanent instalment of their kids yoga mat on their floor, serving as exercise mat, play mat and favourite hang out spot at once, people started asking for mats in regular sizes.

Thus, KIMIYO ZEN and the following releases of an independently designed and manufactured product range henceforth known as the LIMITED EDITION ESSENTIALS was born.

Made from natural resources that are harvested and produced under ethical circumstances, the manufacture is sworn to loyalty and access is a tightly guarded secret. 



Factoring in Miriam's keen eye as trained designer and art advisor, all products certainly have that special edge: a design, feel and quality that unmistakably identify the creator as connoisseur for chic, out of the box, eye poppingly awesome product design.

Collaborating since the beginning, Kathrin Held serves as the second ingredient to the success of the LIMITED EDITION ESSENTIALS. With her keen sense of style, mixing pure craft, old world tradition and modern influences, she is always at the heartbeat of the next chapter of Creative Kimiyo's path.


"We want that people own a piece of amazing yoga gear, something that is not only sensibly produced, but also designed with pure love. To simply be in the moment is a treasure every step of the way. Creative Kimiyo represents this manifestation on and off the mat." Miriam Deller and Kathrin Held


Creative Kimiyo’s founder Miriam Deller is at home in Asia and Europe, and through her nearly two decade long working experience in China, she secured direct partnerships with manufacturers to sustainably and ethically carry out sourcing and producing Creative Kimiyo’s beautiful products.

Kathrin Held is Creative Kimiyo’s senior creative director and fuels the brand’s visual development and signs responsible for the product development. The outspoken Austrian is an avid winter sports fan and loves to collect all things edgy, including avantgarde scents.

Verena Sykora’s genuine can-do attitude is the third pillar of the brand, and her sense of style and keen eye are invaluable to the progress and development of Creative Kimiyo to become a household name brand across European borders.

“The goal is to offer our beautiful products in special locations. We can’t wait to inspire more people with our offerings.” Verena Sykora, Co-owner Creative Kimiyo