KIMIYO LIFE is a fund set up by Creative Kimiyo co-CEOs Miriam Deller and Verena Sykora that pools proceeds that are directed to benefit the following causes: 

Protecting the oceans and animal wildlife are undoubtedly a major task in the current age and times

Many odds are against this feat, yet we are determined to do our part.

Anti-whaling is an important topic and we dedicate the 2019 WISDOM collection, comprised of a cork yoga mat and matching functional towel and a sustainable water bottle, to the cause. A portion of the proceeds from every item sold will benefit an organisation that makes an impactful difference in the anti-whaling movement.

Please check back over the course of 2019 to gain updates and insights in the distribution of funds.

The Creative Kimiyo LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS initiative

Leave Nothing But Footprints was born out of the necessity to take real action and real steps promoting mindful living and raising awareness on pressing environmental and health issues. 

In 2019, the focus is on promoting the elimination of disposable water bottles, thus, two signature steel bottles are released and a portion of the proceeds of every bottle sold benefits KIMIYO LIFE'S Leave Nothing But Footprints.  

'We believe that eliminating unnecessary waste is a crucial factor to preserve  environmental stability for future generations.' 

Miriam Deller and Verena Sykora, CEOs Creative Kimiyo

Leave nothing but footprints supports projects in areas connected to conscious consumption, zero waste, eco traveling, eco products, permaculture and sustainable farming.

Updates on beneficiaries and their dedicated projects are made available on our Good Vibes blog and social media channels @creativekimiyo.