Kirstie Gilleade

It was instagram love at first sight: We just had to commission Kirstie Gilleade for our all important tool in kids yoga: a signature colouring page depicting common emotions.

She did such a fantastic job, and the Emotions Coloring Page by Mayblossoming for Creative Kimiyo is now available in three languages - just go to our Free Resources page to learn more!

Creative Kimiyo Emotions Colouring Page by Kirstie Gilead

Kirstie will soon become one of your favourite Illustrators on instagram, follow her @mayblossoming

Get to know this talented young Brit by reading on!

Kirstie Gilleade for Creative Kimiyo

Where are you based and where are you originally from?

I’m originally from a small town called Blackburn, but now I’ve been living in sunny Manchester (when it likes to be) for the last three years. It’s been such a vibrant city to live in, you’re never short of anything to do here.

What is your favourite colour?

My two favourite colours have to be royal blue and fuchsia pink. Yep, complete opposite colours on the spectrum.

What is one of the most memorable moments at art school that influenced your path?

I studied graphic design when I was at college, as I thought I really wanted to be a graphic designer. Yet when I was accepted into my university, I changed my course at the last second to animation and illustration. It just felt like the right move for me. I was more passionate to learn about illustration andbecoming a children’s illustrator, as one of my big goals to tick off my bucket list is to illustrate achildren’s book one day.

What are some really cool and amazing projects you recently realised?

When I won to have a place at the Launchpad stationery show in Manchester for new stationery designers. This was a massive achievement for me as I never thought I would have my work on display at a trade show. What made it even more special winning a place is that it landed on my birthday.

Not only that, last year this led me to being one of the finalists for the 30 under 30 for stationery, which I just couldn’t believe to see.

Was there ever a time when you suddenly knew you would become an artist, or was that path clear early on in your life?

I think the fact I’ve always enjoyed drawing from a young age, this made me want to continue on with it and see where it could lead me. When I look back through my old sketchbooks, I just love seeinghow far I’ve come in my drawing style and that people trust me enough to design something special for them.

What is characteristic for your style?

I never really think about this too much, as I’m still trying to hone my own style. But the one thing I absolutely enjoy doing, is applying the texture to my illustrations. This is the part where I can really give my illustrations character and bring them to life, with the different brushes I use within Photoshop.

Who are your design heroes?

This question is tricky for me as I do have quite a few, but to narrow it down, my favourites are Oliver Jeffers who I’ve had the chance to meet in person and Benji Davies.

The children’s books they have created are such a joy to read. Each one touches on real life situations, but it’s the way they have gotten the characters to tell these stories are done in such a charming way, for both adults and children to understand.

What is your greater source of inspiration?

I love getting inspiration from children’s books, as much as I do like reading them, I just love delvinginto the illustrations. I’m fascinated to see what type of colours are used for the characters and backgrounds, and how everything comes together to create the tone of the story.

Any life hack you can share as yogi or artist?

Don't keep your work sat in a drawer or sketchbook, share it with the world. You just don't know where it might lead to! When you have something that you think doesn't look great, other people may think looks fantastic - so don't be afraid to share your work at its worst.

Get your hands on the Emotions Colouring page through our Free Resources now!