Simply being in the nature and experiencing it, for example taking in the sunshine, recognizing the life that’s all around us, people start to understand the connections and this is so important for our wellbeing, and that of future generations.

Retreats are five to ten days, plus two travel days set aside for arrival and departure.

Teenagers joining the retreat are age 12+.

No yoga experience required. If your child plays an instrument and is keen to support our musical sessions, we would love to hearing from you about it.


A regular retreat day starts with a morning yoga session, followed by breakfast, weather permitting outdoor activities (i.e. hiking, surfing, swimming), creative workshops (i.e. art, writing, crafting), music sessions, dance and more yoga.


Creative Kimiyo retreats are usually held during school holidays, choose from retreat locations based in Austria or Bali. Upon request we provide a retreat schedule and program for kids age 12+.


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