Cork is a safe and sustainable basis for our beautifully designed, non-toxic, durable and eco-friendly cork yoga mats.

We simply love this material and its smooth, leathery feel, and the feedback has been incredibly positive.

Creative Kimiyo Microfibre mats and travel mats are also 100% biodegradable.

The printing process

The printing process that melts inks with the surface of the yoga mats is an eco-friendly technique that is simple and efficient.

Heat activated dyes are used to transfer prints from the source to the surface of the product. Upon exposure to heat, the fibres of the surface open and the dyes permeate into the fibres and bond with them permanently.

The zero wastage process eliminates toxic dyes entering water, and the only leftover to recycle is the heat transfer paper that was used.

Cleaning and maintaining your Creative Kimiyo Cork Yoga Mat

Thanks to mother nature, the soft and almost leathery feel of the Creative Kimiyo cork yoga mats create an exceptional base for your daily practice at home or in the studio.

The super grip surface and non-slip base are both made from 100% natural materials: oak cork and rubber.

Creative Kimiyo cork yoga mats are biodegradable, non-toxic, made in an eco friendly manufactory, extremely durable, offer superior stability with their well cushioned but grippy surface and are naturally anti-bacterial.

The texture and print of the cork yoga mats does not change or fade over time.

For a good clean, simply use a damp cloth and wipe down, just make sure to keep your mat out of direct sunlight over a prolonged time.