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Yoga Nidra is beyond body and mind, at the threshold between sleep and meditation.

Creative Kimiyo is rolling out a trilingual offering that is all about Yoga Nidra and its tremendously beneficial impacts on people of every age group #beInTheMoment 

Gain insights and download scientifically supported information about the many benefits and healing effects of yoga nidra, so you can make your case or simply because you wish to understand more about this ancient practice here.

Read a German language article on here.


If you require custom Yoga Nidras for your audience, specific to a theme, age group, voice preference, sound options and preferred language/ dialects, contact us through the form below or by dropping an email to yoga(at), we are looking forward to hearing from you!


Creative Kimiyo offers traditional,  authentic, spoken Yoga Nidras in the following languages and dialects:  English (Britain, Scotland, America, Australia, New Zealand), Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese, Korean, German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Spanish (Spain, Mexico), French (France, Canada), Dutch, Estonian, Norwegian, PortugeseMore languages or dialects upon request.