Mala Magic
Mala Magic

Mala Magic

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The ‘Mala Magic’ booklet, written by Lily Goncalves of Blooming Lotus Yoga under her pen name Lalita Devi, explains everything you need to know about sacred Rudrakshas, Malas, their history, use and more.

Throughout seven chapters and an in-depth appendix describing special Rudrakshas and their properties, the author provides insight on what Malas are, what they are used for, specific symbology, Malas throughout sacred traditions, practices and more.

A true gem, Mala Magic is perhaps the most comprehensive work published in English language on Rudraksha seeds and their use.

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Mala Magic Details

Compiled by Lalita Devi

140 pages

15cm x 12cm

ISBN 978-0-9918521-6-1

Published by Blooming Lotus Press


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