Signature Tongue Scraper
Signature Tongue Scraper

Signature Tongue Scraper

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Go ahead. Stick your tongue out. We won't be offended!

You will come to love our Creative Kimiyo Signature Series Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper for daily safe, gentle tongue cleaning to enhance your taste buds. Tongue scraping cleans your taste senses and helps to remove bad breath. The wide cleaning surface, comfortable and safe edges, mold-free steel grips and fluid design enhance the overall flexible and durable characteristic.

100% pure stainless steel scraper in 10x15cm cotton pouch

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How to use and take care of your tongue scraper:

1. Place the tongue scraper in your toothbrush stand so it is in reach for every day use.

2. Stick your tongue out and hold your scraper using both hands and slowly insert it in your mouth until the point that feels comfortable.

3. Place the curve on to your tongue and slightly scrape the white coating from the surface of your tongue, repeat until clean, be gentle.

4. Rinse your mouth and the tongue scraper.


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